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In any fisheries management regime or fisheries MCS programme it is critical that quality information is available in real time to support decision-making and resource prioritization. The Global Record, in providing an information bridge that does not currently exist, should be built on clearly defined principles. Therefore a Global Record:

  • should add value to existing sources of information on vessels and existing MCS tools, as a ‘force multiplier’ to deter illegal activities;
  • should prevent, deter, and eliminate IUU fishing and related activities by providing the over-arching global picture that will inform resource prioritisation, planning and decision-making;
  • should be an international repository covering as much of the world fleet as deemed appropriate and necessary by FAO member States to mitigate IUU fishing and other risks;
  • should (to the extent deemed appropriate by FAO member States) provide public access to relevant information;
  • should be entirely neutral in the presentation of the data leaving users to make whatever judgments or assessments they feel appropriate;
  • should address concerns relating to the transparency and traceability of vessels, and should to the extent possible provide access to vessel related information such as Port State Measure (PSM) data and fishing authorization data;
  • should promote the exchange of unbiased information allowing users to be better informed about the nature of the world fishing fleet and the legitimacy of the activities undertaken by it;
  • should have simplicity in its design and user interface that encourages participation and increases levels of compliance through access to a comprehensive information picture;
  • should be aspirational in design and flexible enough to incorporate future data as the need or opportunity arises;
  • should persuade national authorities to view the Global Record as an effective compliance tool; and
  • should encourage Open Registries (ORs) and States with larger vessel registries not party to the existing Compliance Agreement, to participate.
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