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Fisheries monitored by VMS

  • Bottom trawlers
  • Multipurpose vessels (longline and purse seine)

Number of vessels monitored by VMS

  • Total: 5
  • Bottom trawlers: 3
  • Multipurpose vessels: 2

Vessel size range (gross tons)

  • Bottom trawlers: 45-200
  • Multipurpose vessels: 69-85

Purpose of VMS monitoring

  • Monitoring and control of conservation area according to EU regulations

Security measures

  • Shipboard unit is sealed and tamper-proof

Legal framework

  • National Fisheries Conservation and Management Act

Funding strategy

  • Fifty percent of the shipboard equipment costs are funded by the EC, and the rest of the equipment and other costs is the responsibility of the local government.

Staffing level

  • 1 full time (VMS Liaison Officer/Surveillance Operations Officer)

Additional integrated programmes

  • None

Anticipated growth

  • In 2005, to 36 (vessels > 18 m) and to 58 (vessels > 15 m)


David Camilleri, Fisheries Conservation and Control Division of Malta
Telephone: (+356) 2165 5525
Fax: (+356) 2165 9380
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