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In 1999, FAO had invited the Fish Culture Research Institute (HAKI) in Szarvas, Hungary, to carry out two regional reviews of the status and trends of aquaculture developments both in Europe as well as in the countries of the former USSR area.

These reviews were conducted by Dr Laszlo Varadi (currently Convener of EIFAC Sub-Commission II Aquaculture), and Dr Ferenc Pekar and their colleagues of the Fish Culture Research Institute in Szarvas. These efforts were in part supported by FAO Headquarters as well as by FAO's EASTFISH project based in Copenhagen.

The results of these two regional reviews were presented first during the FAO Expert Consultation on Regional and Global Aquaculture Development Trends, held in October 1999 at the FAO Regional Office for Asia-Pacific, Bangkok, and subsequently, also at the NACA/FAO Conference on Aquaculture in the Third Millennium, which was held in February 2000, also in Bangkok.

Regional Review on Trends in Aquaculture Development - Europe

Regional Review of Trends of Aquaculture Development in the Former USSR countries

The full reports of the above regional reviews of aquaculture development trends in Europe and former USSR countries are made available here as the products of the HAKI Team. These reports as posted here have not been reviewed, nor edited and also not altered in any way, and should be considered as the sole and genuine products of the efforts of the HAKI Team.

The FAO Technical Secretariat for EIFAC Sub-Commission II Aquaculture wishes to express appreciation and congratulations for the work carried out by the HAKI Team. For further information, please contact Mr Uwe Barg, FAO.

Aquatic Resources Management in European Aquaculture

Regional review on aquaculture development. 5. Central and Eastern European region - 2005
FAO Fisheries Circular. No. 1017/5

Regional review on aquaculture development. 6. Western-European region – 2005
FAO Fisheries Circular. No. 1017/6

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