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The overall objective of the project is the development and availability to interested parties of improved approaches for the assessment and management of fisheries in accordance with the ecosystem approach, with particular emphasis on ecosystems with high species diversity and significant interactions between fisheries.

Specific objectives can be summarized under three main topics:

Methods for informing EAF
  • evaluation of and possible improvements to the methodology currently available for estimating the nature, impact, and consequences of biological interactions between species, including marine mammals, for fisheries management operational objectives;
  • improved knowledge and methodology for the assessment of fisheries exploiting resources of high species diversity especially in data poor ecosystems.
Training and extension
  • development of training materials to build capacity in these topics and to assist countries in making EAF operational.
Case studies
  • increased capability in selected developing countries in assessing the nature and extent of interactions between species and fisheries, and the consideration of this information in developing operational objectives for fisheries management.
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