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From mid-May 2011:

  • Inputs are solicited from relevant regional and sub-regional meetings on fisheries matters where organizers agree to include a discussion of the Guidelines on the agenda. Depending on the structure of the particular meeting, comments would be solicited in plenary discussions, through working group arrangements and/or in writing.
  • Dedicated regional and national consultations provide inputs to the Guidelines development process (FAO is seeking extrabudgetary funding to support participation in these consultations).


Feb 2012 (at the latest):

  • FAO convenes an Expert Consultation to develop a first draft text of the Guidelines.


2012 (after Expert Consultation):

  • A Zero Draft version of the Guidelines text becomes available.


Jul 2012:

  • A progress report is presented to the 30th Session of COFI (on 9-13 July 2012)


Sep 2012-Apr 2013:

  • Consultations at national and regional level on the Zero Draft version, as amended subsequent to COFI 2012, continue.


Jun 2013:

  • The Draft Guidelines become available as the basis for negotiation by an inter-governmental Technical Consultation (subject to the direction given by COFI 2012).


Date to be decided:

  • FAO convenes a Technical Consultation to agree on final draft text.


Jul 2014:

  • The negotiated final draft Guidelines are presented for adoption to the 31st Session of COFI.
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