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A cetacean sighting survey was conducted as a component of the LAPE project Ecosystem survey, conducted 26 April – 22 May 2006. The survey was conducted from the Irish research vessel Celtic Explorer which is primarily specialized for hydroacoustic surveying but is fully equipped for trawling as well. The sighting platform (crows-nest) was approximately 16 m above the water.
The sighting survey used the same stratified transect design as the acoustic survey. Procedures were based on those used in 2004 with minor modifications to account for the differences in the vessel and other planned activities.

Celtic Explorer
Celtic Explorer


A very small number of sightings, 10 in all, were made during the 2006 survey in spite of generally better weather conditions for sighting. They are listed below and indicated on the map by sighting number (SN in the table). No statistical analysis was attempted of these few data.

127/04/2006 17:2517.5995-62.1735unidentified dolphins301540
227/04/2006 17:4217.6450-62.1630Humpback222
306/05/2006 17:2112.7778-60.3488Humpback545
407/05/2006 16:2113.8013-59.9908Baleen whale222
507/05/2006 16:4613.8531-60.0462Humpback112
607/05/2006 17:0113.8826-60.0436Humpback444
717/05/2006 11:3516.0526-61.8799dolphins or porpoises3 4
817/05/2006 12:3015.9168-61.9582dolphins or porpoises3 3
918/05/2006 13:1514.2363-61.9618dolphins or porpoises3 5
1020/05/2006 12:5517.0430-61.0164Spinner Dolphins33 
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