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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was recognized as a critical tool in understanding and management of fisheries under an ecosystem approach. Initially the project conducted a capacity evaluation and needs assessment for the participating countries. There were also GIS applications in three specific areas of the project:

Needs Assessment

Analysis with GIS was used to develop a number of products used within the LAPE project. In preparation for this activity the project conducted a GIS needs analysis to review the existing capacity within the participating countries. This review included the Fisheries agencies as well as related agencies such as Environment and Planning agencies.
Based on the needs assessment, GIS computers and relevant software were provided to all the participating fisheries agencies but, constrained by time and human resources, the LAPE project adopted a working group approach involving a subset of participants in for further training and analysis using ArcGIS and ArcInfo.

Survey planning

GIS was also used to plan and report all survey activities, both for the large scale sight surveys and the small scale sight surveys. The results allowed to visualize and optimize survey routes and to respond to national and international jurisdictional issues affecting the planning of surveys.


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