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Beam trawler
Beam trawler
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Deck TypeDecked vesselsOverviewThese trawlers use strong outrigger booms to tow their fishing gear. Double-rig beam trawlers tow two trawls, one from either side. This technique is very successful used in the shrimp and flatfish fisheries in the North sea.Vessel ClassLengthall  (LOA) PowerallTonnageall  (GRT in register tons) Deck ArrangementThis type of trawlers usually has the bridge and accomodation located aft.Catch Handling and Processing EquipmentAll.EquipmentDeck EquipmentTypical deck equipment consists usually of two very heavy outriggers each towing one beam trawl by means or warps passing through blocks at the end of the outriggers. Typical storage equipment for hauling and stowing the net aboard is usually used.Fish Detection EquipmentFish finders are used extensively on board beam trawlers according to the size of the boat; typical equipment consists of a sonar and an echosounder.Fishing Gear Beam trawls.Security EquipmentSafety release systems are sometimes incorporated in the boom stays or winch brakes to prevent the boat from capsizing should the gear snag suddenly on the sea bed. For safety reasons the engine power of flatfish beam trawlers is limited to 1472 Kw (2000 HP).
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