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Side trawler
Side trawler
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Deck TypeDecked vesselsOverviewOn side trawlers the trawl is set over the side and the trawl warps pass through blocks hanging from two gallows, one forward and one aft. The side trawler was the most familiar vessel in the North Atlantic deep sea fishing industry until the late sixties and has evolved over a longer period than the other trawler types. This type of vessel, still used in some countries, is progressively being replaced by the stern trawler.Deck ArrangementUsually the superstructure and the wheelhouse are placed aft, the fish hold is situated amidships and trawl winch transversally at the front of the superstructure as shown on figure.Catch Handling and Processing EquipmentFresh fish (Wet-fish side trawler) or block frozen fish (Frezeer side trawler).Vessel ClassLengthnormally > 15 meters  (LOA) Powernormally > 90 HpTonnagenormally > 30 GT  (GRT in register tons) EquipmentDeck EquipmentTypical equipment on side trawlers consists of two gallows for the towing blocks. There may be a derrick at the foremast and there may be a boom rigged on the mast to assist in hoisting the codend over the side for shooting. Between the hatches and the deckhouse there is a winch from which the warps run forward and aft to the gallows. Sometimes the vessels are equipped with gallows on both sides. Some of the remaining side trawlers are now equipped with net drums.Fish Detection EquipmentFish finders are used extensively on board side trawlers according to the size of the boat; typical equipment may consists of a sonar and an echosounder.Fishing Gear Bottom trawls, .
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