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trap setters
trap setters
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Deck TypeDecked and undecked vesselsOverviewThese vessels are used for setting pots or traps for catching fish, lobsters, crabs, crayfish and other similar species. Trap setters range from open boats operating inshore up to larger decked vessels of 20-50 m operating to the edge of a continental shelf.Vessel ClassLengthall  (LOA) PowerallTonnageall  (GRT in register tons) Deck ArrangementOn small decked trap setters the wheelhouse is located either forward or aft and the fish hold amidships. On larger vessels the wheelhouse is usually located forward.Catch Handling and Processing EquipmentWet or Live fishEquipmentDeck EquipmentLarger trap setters are equipped with derricks, cranes or davits for hauling pots onboard. On smaller vessels hydraulic or mechanical pot haulers are fitted.Fish Detection EquipmentSearch of fish is more often linked to the fishermen's personal knowledge of fishing grounds rather than the use of special detection equipment. Decked vessels are usually equipped with an echosounder. Larger more sophisticated vessels will also have a Loran or GPS.Fishing Gear Pots, Traps.
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