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Deck TypeDecked vesselsOverviewIn the wet-fish long liners the fish is kept in the hold in the fresh/wet condition. These vessels therefore operate usually in areas not too far distant from the landing place. For quality reasons the fishing time of such vessels is limited.Vessel ClassLengthall  (LOA) PowerallTonnageall  (GRT in register tons) Additional informationThis type of vessel consists usually of small and some medium sized long liners.Deck ArrangementThese vessels are small sized long liners with the same general characteristics mentioned for Longliners.Catch Handling and Processing EquipmentWet-fishEquipmentDeck EquipmentSeveral manual or semi-automatic systems are used on medium and large sized vessels to bait the hooks and to shoot and haul the lines, e.g. baiter, hydraulic hauler, hook and line storage equipment and, containers or tanks for storing the bait.Fish Detection EquipmentTypical fish detection equipment of small long liners may include echosounder.Fishing GearLonglinesCatch Handling and Processing EquipmentThe fish is stored in boxes covered with ice or stored with ice in the fish hold.
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