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Deck TypeNormally undecked vessels comprising canoes and other small or medium sized vessels without any special features for gear handling.OverviewHand lines boats operate all over the world, some in shallow waters and some fishing depths of up to 300 meters deep. Traditional handliners use no winch or gurdy.Vessel ClassLength<12 m  (LOA) PowerallTonnageall  (GRT in register tons) Deck ArrangementNo typical deck arrangement exists for handlinersCatch Handling and Processing EquipmentWet-fishEquipmentDeck EquipmentHandlines can be set and hauled either manually or by electrically or hydraulically powered reels. If mechanised reels are used they are normally either fastened to the gunwale or set on stanchions close to and possibly overhanging the gunwale.Fish Detection EquipmentOn handliners, search of fish is more often linked to the fishermen's personal knowledge of fishing grounds rather than the use of special detection equipment.Fishing Gear Hooks and lines.
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