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Deck TypeDecked and undecked vesselsOverviewThese vessels use surrounding and seine nets and comprise a large group appearing in all sizes, ranging from open boats, usually at least 10 m in length, to ocean going vessels. Seiners are normally used to catch aggregating pelagic species but there are special applications that target demersal species.Deck ArrangementVaried ranging from large undecked canoes with no mechanical hauling aids and a large crew to highly capitalised enterprises. With regard for the decked vessels in this general classification there will exist deck configurations with the superstructure forward and the working deck aft as well as vessels having the superstructure aft and the working deck amidships.Catch Handling and Processing EquipmentFresh fish.Vessel ClassLengthall  (LOA) PowerallTonnageall  (GRT in register tons) EquipmentDeck EquipmentTypical equipment of seiners may consists of a power block or triple roller (triplex), purse blocks and storage equipment such coilers and net reels for hauling and stowing the net aboard. Varies systems of warp storage will be used depending on the type of seine in use. On larger vessels targeting a species of small size the fish may be pumped on board while on smaller vessels or vessels catching large high quality fish the use of brailers is more common. On boats using small seine nets all operations are generally performed by hand.Fish Detection EquipmentIn high technology applications, advanced electronic equipment is provided for searching shoals of fish, assessing the size and movement of these, and for keeping in touch the shoal whilst surrounding it with the seine, e.g. echosounders, sonar and track plotters.Fishing Gear Seine nets.
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