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Drum seiner
Drum seiner
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Deck TypeDecked vesselsOverviewThese seiners have the same basic layout as an American seiner with the exception that a drum is used instead of a power block. This technology is mainly used in Canada and U.S.A.Vessel ClassLengthall  (LOA) PowerallTonnageall  (GRT in register tons) Additional informationDrum seining was developed mainly for small vessels fishing for salmon in river estuaries, bays and creeks on the coast of British Columbia and Alaska.Deck ArrangementThese seiners have usually the bridge and accomodation placed forward. The drum is mounted on the stern of the vessel.Catch Handling and Processing EquipmentAll.EquipmentDeck EquipmentTypical equipment of this type of vessels consists of a net drum and power blocks or transport rollers which may be used in addition to the drum on larger drum seiners. The net comes in over a roller on the stern. Between the roller and the drum there is a guide on pair of rollers which move from side to side so that the seine is wound on the whole width of the drum.Fish Detection EquipmentAdvanced electronic equipment as, echosounder and sonar, can be provide for fish searching operations.Fishing Gear Purse seines.
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