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Outrigger trawler
Outrigger trawler
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Deck TypeDecked vesselsOverviewBasic equipment of the vessels are the outriggers, on which the gear is towed. Outrigger trawlers are the most widely used type of fishing vessel in shrimp trawling. On each side one single otter trawl or a twin trawl can be towed. Another special type of outrigger trawlers is the beam trawler, mainly used in the North sea for the catch of flatfish. One beam trawl is towed on each side. Outrigger trawlers employing flatfish beam trawls are medium sized, high powered vessels and tow the gear at speeds up to 8 knots.Vessel ClassLengthnormally > 20 meters  (LOA) Powernormally > 350 HpTonnagenormally > 50 GT  (GRT in register tons) Deck ArrangementOutrigger trawlers may have the superstructure forward with the working deck aft as is the case when shrimp are targeted. In this case the towing winch will be located just aft of the superstructure and is usually installed with its axis along the centreline so that the warps from the drums feed directly to cap-rail bollards and then to the towing blocks at the ends of the outriggers. Outrigger trawlers employing trawls rigged with large beams may have the wheelhouse and accommodations at the aft part of the vessel with the working deck amidships. This arrangements allows for easier stowing and handling of larger beams. In this case the outriggers will be located in association with a mast or A frame set amidships or slightly forward. The towing winch will be located in front of the superstructure and set transverse to the centreline. The towing warps will be led forward to deck bollards and then to the towing blocks at the end of the booms. The principal characteristic of these vessels is the presence of outriggers which are usually fastened to the mast or at the foot of the mast and extend out over the sides of the vessel during fishing operations.Catch Handling and Processing EquipmentAll.EquipmentDeck EquipmentWarp winches with capstans are installed at deck of the vessels. Handling of the catch is supported by sorting devices and washing machines.Fish Detection EquipmentAll kind of vertical fish finders are used extensively on board of outrigger trawlers according to the its size.Fishing Gear Twin bottom otter trawls; Beam trawls; single trawls.
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