Mécanisme multidonateurs flexible (FMM)


How rural radio has improved agricultural practices for Tanzanian farmers
Radio programs give rural communities an opportunity for their voices to be heard “I know that I am privileged to listen and follow different programmes aired through MVIWATA FM,” says Odilia Jiovin, a farmer from Kilosa District in the Morogoro region of United Republic of Tanzania, which is known...
Donner aux jeunes tunisiens les moyens d'investir dans les systèmes agroalimentaires
Dans le but de favoriser un développement territorial inclusif et de lutter contre le taux de chômage élevé des jeunes en Tunisie, le Mécanisme multidonateurs flexible (FMM) de la FAO a lancé une initiative pionnière dans le pays. Une plateforme inclusive multipartite a été créée dans le cadre du sous-programme...
Gender, value chains and sustainable tourism in Small Island Developing States
Small Island Developing States (SIDS) include some of the world’s most remote countries that share a similar set of challenges, including susceptibility to natural disasters, limited resources and dependence on international trade, in addition to a common aspiration for sustainable development, improved living standards and the remediation of gender inequalities....
A paradigm shift in development interventions through community engagement
On Tuesday, 22 June 2021, the last webinar in the “Community Engagement Days” series, entitled "Community Engagement for Collective Action," was held via zoom. The series, which was organized by the Dimitra Clubs Team of FAO with the support of Resource Partners contributing to the
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