Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)

Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction


To identify and promote cost-effecive solutions and strategies to reduce FLW, build human and institutional capacity to implement them, coordinate food loss reduction
initiatives, foster partnership and promote collaboration, with a view towards avoiding duplication, developing synergies and using resources efficiently.

Major results

Built evidence base to support policy and strategy development.
•    Reviewed existing strategic, policy and regulatory frameworks and their provisions for
FLW reduction.
•    Formulated strategies for FLW reduction and incorporated FLW reduction
considerations in policy processes.
•    Integrated good practice options for food loss reduction into strategic and policy
level interventions.
•    Prepared and validated training materials.
ff Organized workshops, training and demonstration sessions for chain actors and public
sector officials.
•    Convened fora to demonstrate and promote viable options/models for loss reduction.
•    Updated Save Food Initiative information platforms and portals at global and
regional levels.
•    Moderated FLW Communities of Practice.
•    Analysed and disseminated information to network members, including through a
monthly newsletter and the Save Food website.

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