Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)

Blue Growth Initiative in Support of Food Nutrition Security, Poverty Alleviation and Healthy Oceans


To integrate Blue Growth (BG) activities and concepts in Cabo Verde, Madagascar and
Seychelles into fisheries policy and governance processes aimed at sustainable aquatic
resource development, management and conservation.

Major results

•   Enhanced biosecurity governance and building national capacities for reducing disease
related losses in aquaculture.
•   Improved environmental performance of aquaculture through implementing
appropriate interventions towards reducing carbon emission and improving
renewable energy use, where appropriate.
•   Enhanced social performance of aquaculture through identifying improvements into
the value chain, improving market access for the small-producers and supporting local
and international trade
•   Set up blue growth intelligence/strategy unit in Cabo Verde and Madagascar and
strengthened in Seychelles, to assess, monitor and provide policy advice on the
management of activities impacting oceans health and its eco-system services.
•   Carried out sector assessments and value chain analysis to identify issues, constraints
and opportunities on seaweed value chain based on success stories and lessons learnt
from failures.
•   Implemented training and capacity building activities to strengthen seaweed value
chain, on better management and conducting seaweed farming as a business.
•   Supported and developed capacity of national stakeholders to identify, formulate,
implement, monitor and evaluate innovative investment strategies, in particular with
respect to fisheries, river basin management and ecosystem services.

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