Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)

Value chain development in support of sustainable intensification in Africa


To develop value chains in support of sustainable intensification in Africa.

Major results

•  Trained farmers in business entrepreneurship and agricultural marketing at Songhai
Centre of excellence in Benin.
•  Organized one regional workshop to train FIRST officers and other officers at RAF/
SROs in integrated sustainable intensification and value chain development approach.
•   Organized five country level information events during annual national agricultural
fairs to present the opportunities and requirements of selected value chain/s of
•   Conducted a comparative assessment of the national strategic frameworks related to
agriculture and trade development.
•   Organized two sub-regional consultations with national and regional stakeholders to
discuss opportunities for synergies and regional complementarities on specific value
chains, taking into consideration their potential for job creation, particularly for youth
and women.
•   Provided assistance to countries to develop project proposals to support the value
chain/s of interest, with particular attention to their effectiveness in promoting youth
and women employment and entrepreneurship.

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