Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)

Support to the development of National Action Plans on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Latin America and the Caribbean


To strengthen the enabling environment for the implementation of multilateral trade
agreements and to support export development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
countries, in line with the FAO Regional Initiative for Improving Agri-food Trade and
Market Integration in Europe and Central Asia.

Major results

•   Identified institutional structures that support risk management of AMR in the food
and agriculture sector.
•  Characterized communication capacities of institutions that support the food and
agriculture sector in each country.
•   Linked communication units of FAO Representations in beneficiary countries as a
means to sustain and expand awareness raising and advocacy.
•   Promoted an awareness and advocacy strategy designed to encourage risk
communication for AMR in the food and agriculture sector in the countries which will
include engagement stakeholder meetings and diverse fora, including a high level
regional meeting.
•   Developed and/or adapted graphic, audiovisual and electronic communication
resources, to support outreach activities in different audiences and settings, including
farmers, food producers and consumer groups.
•   Characterized institutional capacities and governance for containment of AMR in the
food and agriculture sector under the One Health approach.
•   Ranked technical training needs in the different subject areas.

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