Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)

Linking SDGs 1 and 2 through pro-poor inclusive value chain development in the context of SIDS


To establish an enabling environment for the development of pro-poor inclusive food systems in Pacific SIDS through knowledge and evidence generation and dissemination, and capacity development for inclusive and efficient nutrition-sensitive value chains.

Status of the project

Major results
  • Reviewed existing data and studies on poverty, food security and nutrition vulnerabilities in Pacific SIDS.
  • Designed and implemented tools to support improved vulnerability assessments through trials in selected areas.
  • Co-organized one regional workshop to discuss findings and agree on national level vulnerability assessment methodology to support and way forward monitoring progress towards SDGs 1 and 2 in Pacific SIDS.
  • Reviewed and analysed data and studies on food system/value chain development in Pacific SIDS.
  • Identified and further analysed specific farm to fork value chains that are employment intensive, environmentally sustainable, that contribute to healthier diets.
  • Identified and analysed policies and strategies to support the economic development and food security and nutrition of vulnerable groups.
  • Provided technical assistance to government for evidence-based policy development and cross-country, exchange to exchange lessons learned.
  • Completed market intelligence reports on selected business opportunities.
  • Supported participation of representatives from all SIDS sub-regions in key regional meetings, such as the Global Breadfruit Summit, 2017.

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