Mecanismo flexible multiasociados (FMM)

Empowering women in food systems and strengthening the local capacities and resilience of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the agri-food sector


To contribute to poverty reduction, jobs creation, food and nutrition security by improving the economic, social and environmental sustainability of value chains in SIDS countries. In particular, the subprogramme aims to enhance rural women’s participation and benefit from value chains by promoting an enabling policy and institutional environment and by increasing their access and control over productive resources and services.

Status of the subprogramme
On going

Major results

The project document for the programme was successfully formulated, including the identification of recipient countries and beneficiaries. The subprogramme became operationally active in February 2020, and a project task force was also established.

Due to COVID-19, challenges faced are:

  • Travel and movement restrictions. Limitations on international and inter-regional travel have impacted on the field work including interviews and focal group discussions, delivery of trainings and workshops.
  • Human resources involved in the project have been engaged in the response to the COVID-19 emergency.

Mitigation of the challenges:

  • Postponement of activities.
  • Hiring local consultants for tasks originally envisaged for international consultants.
  • Digital trainings and virtual meetings

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