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فقدان الأغذية وهدرها في سلاسل القيمة السمكية


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01 January 2018
GLOBEFISH is a trusted source of international fish trade and market news, and provides price trend analyses, market outlooks, and networking opportunities. Its reports cover over fourteen of the most major traded seafood commodities.
Gearing Up
01 January 2018
This website includes information on selective gear trials.
This publication aims to help policy-makers and project designers conceptualize the nexus between gender equality and food loss and offers practical guidance for integrating gender concerns into the implementation of food loss reduction strategies....
The Discard Action Group (DAG) was set up by Seafish in 2009 to discuss industry wide problems relating to discards.
This project promotes the implementation of the international Guidelines on Bycatch Management and reduction of discards.