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فقدان الأغذية وهدرها في سلاسل القيمة السمكية


يحتوي هذا القسم على المطبوعات والموارد ذات الصلة بفقدان الأغذية وهدرها في سلاسل القيمة السمكية.


National Fisheries Development board of India guidelines. 
TECA is a platform where you can find practical information – agricultural including fisheries technologies and practices – to help small producers. 
This publication highlights a study which examines the extent to which the existing fishery-dependent livelihood context represents a social-ecological trap in Zambia. 
The SSF Guidelines were developed to compliment the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, and aim to support responsible fisheries, with an emphasis on small-scale fisheries and related activities.
The Support to District Development Programme (EU-SDDP) aims to reduce poverty among former conflict affected communities through agriculture. Since 2012, the Programme has assisted Sri Lanka in transitioning from post-conflict assistance to reconstruction.