Pertes et gaspillages de nourriture dans les chaînes de valeur de la pêche et de l’aquaculture


COVID-19, changing consumer demand, and market access have cause logistical problems for the fish value chains, resulting in an increased reliance on the cold chain and cold storage to prevent food loss and waste.
This article shares details about how a project in Indonesia has allowed people in Indonesia to improve the quality of their catch, access technologies and broader markets, and reduce food waste.
Some restaurants and food establishments have resumed their business operations despite the fear of a new wave of infections. To ensure safety, the resumption of the restaurant and catering sector has been in line with...
This paper aims to evaluate the socio-economic and cultural importance of two crab species, analyze the dynamics of the value chain, and monitor the flow of their resources.
This document is a compilation of the reports of the study commissioned in Barbados and Saint Kitts and Nevis to assess the feasibility of the production and utilization of fish silage.
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