Pertes et gaspillages de nourriture dans les chaînes de valeur de la pêche et de l’aquaculture


COVID-19 is changing the way fish is sold to and purchased by consumers.  Do these new final point of sale changes provide...
Based on assessments of fish and gear loss from gillnet and trammel net fisheries of India, this document presents types and causes of losses, and technological, social, environmental and policy options to reduce losses.
This guide is for dried-shrimp producers and buyers and aims to describe good processing, handling and hygiene practices that will help producers maximize the value and income from dried shrimp. 
COVID-19 has ushered in a number of dramatic changes that will have implications for the future way in which fish and fish products are handled....
This policy brief reviews on going challenges and proposes measures to protect production and income of the sector and the most vulnerable, as well as maintain operations and support the supply chain.
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