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Food Loss and Waste in Fish Value Chains
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Skills & Knowledge for Artisanal Fish Smoking

Skills and knowledge related to food safety, appropriate handling and good hygiene practices, and the use of improved technology will improve standards and quality, and assist in the reduction of food loss and waste (FLW) during artisanal fish smoking.  

Some of the key knowledge and skills artisanal fish smokers require in order to prevent and reduce FLW include:  

  • Good hygiene and sanitation practices including fish handling and personal hygiene 
  • Good manufacturing practices 
  • Identification of hazards, causes of fish spoilage, and quality deterioration 
  • Pest Control and Waste Disposal management 
  • Use of appropriate fish smoking technology 
  • Proper food product packaging and storage  

National authorities such as Health Inspectorates and Food Standard Agencies require the skills and knowledge to be able to implement extension for processors and the enforcement of food law, regulations, standards and certification.   

Key Publications

Fish Handling, Quality and Processing: Training and Community Trainers Manual

This document includes information related to food law implementation.                                                                                                               

Training of Trainers and Capacity Building for Small-Scale Fisheries Operators

Information on why training small-scale fisheries trainers is important is discussed, and approaches and paths forward are included.

Improved Fish Smoking Ghana

Provides an overview of different artisanal fish smoking kiln designs and highlights the development of the Chorkor kiln in particular.  

More Resources

More Resources

Describes the Thiaroye improved smoking kiln as a cost effective method of fish smoking and drying which reduces post-harvest losses and adds value. 
Provides an overview of traditional and improved smoking techniques, with an emphasis on the Chorkor smoker kiln developed in Ghana.
This document seeks to give trainees a comprehensive understanding of the Common Fisheries Policy. The goal is to provide a common basis of training for those in fisheries control and operations in the EU....