Food Loss and Waste in Fish Value Chains
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Urban Wholesale

Urban wholesale markets provide a location for the sale of fish and fishery products. These markets are found in coastal and inland centres near to or far from sources of fish supply. They exist in developed and developing countries and can have varying infrastructure and services.

Key causes of food loss and waste (FLW) associated with urban wholesale markets include: 

  • delays in buying and selling 
  • poor handling practices 
  • lack of cold chain and ice 
  • poor hygiene and sanitation

How to Reduce or Prevent Loss and Waste

  • Supportive Policy Environment
  • Application of Appropriate Technology
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Services and Infrastructure
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Social and Gender Equity
  • Markets

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Key Publications

Use of Cold Chain for Reducing Food Losses in Developing Countries

The use of cold storage is not one-size-fits-all, but is an important component of an agricultural value chain. Details of how to integrate cold chains and how it can reduce food losses are included.                                      

Small-scale Fish Landing and Marketing Facilities

This publication aims to aid small-scale fisheries development, specifically addressing the identification, planning and basic designs needed for fish collection, handling, and marketing infrastructure, with focus on reduction of post-harvest losses and marketing costs.

Guidelines for the Landing and Sale of Fishery Products

These guidelines provide advice on maintaining standards of fish quality and food safety, and on maximizing value through efficient landing and sale operations, and is an intended reference for trade and official bodies.

More Resources

More Resources

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