The expansion phase - key reforms


The expansion phase of the Special Programme will emphasize policy reforms, training and investment required to create an environment for increasing food production.

Philippine farmers adopt integrated pest management

Policy reform
In order to remove barriers to food production and heop the agricultural sector, socio-economic and political action on issues such as tariffs, rural financing, exchange rates, credit, good business codes, welfare transfers, property rights, food processing and inputs will be encouraged.

Field schools will enable farmers to learn "on the job" and help create a positive partnership with extension workers and research staff. Transfer of management skills to members of water-use groups, credit and marketing associations, and community development groups will enhance the chances of successful adoption of improved practices.

Funds for investment -- by both public and private sectors -- in essential infrastructure and marketing services will be mobilized in accordance with locally identified priorities, as spelled out in the National Action Plan developed by each participating country.





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