Food and Agriculture Statistics


Disasters take heavy toll on agri-food systems as new threats emerge

New FAO report finds agricultural losses from natural hazards continue to soar, inflicting economic damage and undermining nutrition

Food systems account for more than one third of global greenhouse gas emissions

New data tool offers detailed insights covering role of land use, agriculture, refrigeration, packaging and more, providing critical guidance for holistic mitigation efforts

FAO Statistical Yearbook 2020

After seven years of absence, FAO Statistics Division publishes today the 2020 Statistical Yearbook. This renewed commitment is a demonstration of the importance and value that...

The new AGRISurvey website is online

The Agricultural Integrated Survey (AGRISurvey) programme launched its new page in the FAO website. AGRISurvey, one of the main projects in FAO Statistics Division, supports countries...

FAO releases the Big Data tool on food chains under the COVID-19 pandemic

The platform provides: real-time facts and information on the pandemic's impact on food supply chains, from production to consumption; countries' policy responses to mitigate the...