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Кризис продовольственной цепи

Бюллетень раннего предупреждения

Ежеквартальный Бюллетень раннего предупреждения содержит подборку информационных материалов по угрозам продовольственной цепочки и продовольственной безопасности на предстоящие три месяца.

Этот бюллетень представляет собой плод сотрудничества Системы чрезвычайных профилактических мер (ЭМПРЕС), Глобальной системы информации и раннего предупреждения (ГСИРП) и Механизма управления в кризисных ситуациях в продовольственной цепи (FCC). Данные предоставлены ЭМПРЕС и ГСИРП. 

October 2018 - December 2018

Thirty – four plant and forest pests and diseases, locusts and animal and aquatic diseases were monitored and forecasted by FAO experts for the period October to December 2018. A total of 281 forecasts were conducted in 116 countries.

According to the forecasts, the following pests and diseases represent a high to moderate risk to the food chain in some countries:

For animal diseases and zoonoses: African swine fever in Asia and Europe, Rift valley fever in Africa, Foot-andmouth disease in Africa and Asia, Peste des petits ruminants in Africa and Europe (The Russia federation) and Avian Influenza in Africa and Asia.

For aquatic diseases: Tilapia lake virus disease in Africa, Asia and Americas, Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease in Africa and Asia.

For plant pests and diseases: Fall armyworm in Africa and Asia, Tomato leaf miner in Africa, Banana fusarium wilt disease in Africa, Asia and Oceania, Cassava mosaic disease, Cassava brown streak disease, Wheat rust, and Swollen shoot virus disease of cocoa in Africa.

For locusts: the Desert locust in Africa and Asia, and Red locust in Africa.

For forest pests and diseases: Blue chalcid, Red gum psyllid and Bronze bug in Africa, Bark beetles in the Americas and Europe, Boxwood blight, Boxwood moth, Charcoal disease, Dry cone syndrome and Western conifer seed bug in Asia, and Pine processionary moth in Europe.