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Enviado: 29 dic 14 - 02:26
Asunto: Foc TR4 Global Programme for comments
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Enviado: 15 ene 15 - 02:51
Asunto: re: Foc TR4 Global Programme for comments
The draft working paper on the Foc TR4 Global Programme is highly-commendable, well-prepared and is a valiant effort to achieve a global coverage to address all issues pertaining to Foc TR4. May I suggest the following so that some of the measures,outcomes,activities and outputs become more measurable and clearer?

1. as part of the effort to curb Foc TR4, the global programme advocated the sharing and dissemination of information to promote synergistic collaboration. who will pioneer or moderate this and is there a time-line to how quickly the information is disseminated? how often do the decision-makers meet? this is important to allow information to transfer to regulatory bodies, scientists, growers etc., and to ensure that we could curb spread at an early stage.

2. it is not stated clearly who will bear the cost for all these programmes (surveillance, diagnostic, information sharing). It may be expensive for some countries where banana is not their number 1 commodity, and as such, governmental organizations and growers alike may not participate in any of these global activities. will there be contingency plans to address this?

3. In Table 2 on activities needed for management, it is great to have such a Table and outline of the strategies, but it would be better if more details are provided. For instance, fumigants-is there a recommendation to a standard fumigant used? how often, how much (concentration)? This gives the countries in the risk areas a probable chance of combating the disease at an early stage should they be able to implement the recommended method (proven to work) immediately. High-risk areas should not be wasting time trying their own methods and could have adopted a better strategy based on the guideline/recommendations in the global programme. These details may be included in the Policy and Technical Guideline working paper.

Thank you.
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Enviado: 22 ene 15 - 09:34
Asunto: re: Foc TR4 Global Programme for comments
Dear Adeline,
Thank you very much for these useful comments which will be taken into account for update of the text.

Here are brief comments on the points raised:
1. Sharing and dissemination of knowledge would be a continious process using all available means of communication channels. There are already a number of resources facilitating this at the technical level especially among the scientific community. FAO, through this four year programme, will facilitate widening this process together with the partners, with the aim of taking it to the policy level as well.

2.This programme is a proposal and there is no funding at this stage. So currently we can only facilitate some limited awareness raising and publicity work. Implementation of the work proposed depend on funding availability. Implementation of activities for spesific countries will be prioritised depending on funding source and criteria as well as risk level, needs and capacities of the countries concerned.

3.The programme is considered as a global framework not going into much scientific details, but the points are noted and will be taken into account for update of the text and while outlining spesific activities in spesific locations. Indeed the points would be considered as part of the guidelines which would accompany this programme.

Many thanks again for kind contributions

Fazil Dusunceli

Food and Agriculture Organization
Viale Terme di Caracalla, Rome

Plant Production and Protection Division
Empres-Plant (Plant Pathology); Room:B746 bis
Tel:+390657054930; Fax:+390657055271
E-mail: [email protected]

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