International organizations unite on critical recommendations to combat drug-resistant infections and prevent staggering number of deaths each year
The Fall Armyworm (FAW) is an invasive pest that first appeared in the Asian region in India in July 2018....
Graziano da Silva pledges FAO's continued support to Near East and North African countries combating the invasive pest
Increased vigilance, strict monitoring and early control needed to prevent further swarms forming and spread along both sides of the...

The human food chain is continuously threatened by the increasing number of outbreaks of transboundary animal and plant pests and diseases, including aquatic and forest pests and diseases, and food safety and radiation events.

Avian influenza, Peste des petits ruminants, Fall armyworm, locust and other insect infestations, banana diseases, food-borne pathogens and mycotoxins are some examples of threats to the human food chain that may impact human health, food security, livelihoods, national economies and global markets.

Through the Food Chain Crisis Management Framework (FCC), FAO addresses the risks to the human food chain through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and institution-wide collaborative approach.


How to combat wheat rust diseases in Central and West Asia and North Africa: developing synergies and countries’ capacities

Wheat rust diseases (yellow, stem and leaf rusts) pose a serious threat to food security around the world. Without continuous surveillance to ensure effective monitoring and disease control, countries may face substantial grain yield losses. Strong national capacities, international collaboration and information-sharing are essential to achieve successful disease management at the regional and global level  Read the full story

FCC article

Farmers look to FAO to help resolve the worsening pest outbreak issue

Pests are major causes of crop yield losses. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), between 20 and 40 percent of global crop yields are reduced each year due to damage caused by plant pests (insects and diseases). Continue Reading

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