Food Chain Crisis

How we work

FCC-EMPRES for animal health, plant protection and food safety contain the main technical capacities of FAO to address transboundary animal and plant and pests and diseases, including aquatic and forest pests and diseases, food safety and radiation threats, and to support countries in the fight against these threats.

FCC-EMPRES addresses transboundary threats by:

  • monitoring threats, tracking and reporting events, risk analysis, early detection, early warning and timely response;
  • forming technical networks (epidemiology/surveillance, laboratory, socio-economics etc…)
  • enhancing the capabilities of laboratories and specialized units within ministries;
  • strengthening preparedness through simulation exercises and contingency plans;
  • developing new tools and environmentally sound control technologies;
  • improving risk and impact analysis by fostering partnerships with national authorities, international and regional organizations, and research institutions;
  • ensuring communication with all stakeholders;
  • developing international, regional, national and local capacities.