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Livestock keeping has traditionally been a baseline activity for many families in Central Asia. Protecting animal health safeguards rural livelihoods and avoids major negative socio-economic consequences. Two back-to-back FAO meetings in Tashkent this week strive for improvements in animal health.


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Cassava is the fifth most produced staple food crop in the world, being a basic source of staple food for an estimated 800 million people worldwide. Cassava is grown by smallholder farmers in more than 100 tropical and subtropical countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Thanks to its efficient [...]

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The Early Warning Early Action (EWEA) Report on Food Security and Agriculture is developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It provides a quarterly forward-looking analysis of major disaster risks to food security and agriculture, specifically highlighting:
- potential new emergencies resulting from imminent disaster threats
- new developments in countries already affected by protracted crises which are likely to cause a further deterioration of food insecurity.
This report is part of FAO’s efforts to systematically link early warnings to anticipatory actions. By providing specific early action recommendations for each country, the report aims to prompt FAO and partners to proactively mitigate and/or prevent disasters before they start to adversely impact food security.
In order of intensity, for the period October-December 2019, the high risk section includes:

  • Burkina Faso, Mali and the Niger
  • South Sudan
  • Yemen
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Cabo Verde, the Gambia, Mauritania and Senegal
  • Zimbabwe
  • African swine fever outbreak in Asia

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09 June 2015, Rome, Italy - FAO Conference 39th Session - Side event: Building Resilience in Africa’s Drylands. FAO Headquarters (Sheik Zayed Center).