Кризис продовольственной цепи


An estimated three million people around the world, in developed and developing countries, die every year from food and water-borne disease, with millions more becoming sick.

Occurrence of such disease can easily escalate to a food safety emergency situation, which can adversely impact national economies and livelihoods through reduced availability of food for
national consumption, closure of export markets, and/or the high cost of addressing the effects of
the threat.

Following the emergence of the novel influenza A(H7N9) in China in March 2013, FAO released an emergency risk assessment in June 2013 using the data available at that time.

To assess the effects of the expected increase in poultry trade and consumption associated with the upcoming lunar New Year festivities of 31 January 2014, this risk assessment was updated based on information available up to 20 January 2014. The increased trade and consumption could affect the spread of the virus and provide increased opportunity for human exposure...

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