November 2015. The Eucalyptus tree commonly known as “the gum tree” in Zimbabwe is an exotic species that is believed to have originated from Australia. It was brought into Zimbabwe to provide communities with wood for timber and fuel.
Unfortunately, commonly grown species of this tree are now under [...]

The presence of relatively large numbers of Desert Locust in Yemen, where conflict is severely hampering control operations, poses a potential threat to crops in the region. Keith Cressman, FAO Senior Locust Forecasting Officer, explains the situation and its causes. He also gives some key facts about locusts and illustrates [...]

It has been five years since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The road to recovery has been difficult and long, and is not yet complete. This film chronicles the assistance the IAEA has provided to Japan since the outset of the nuclear emergency in March [...]

2014-The video raises awareness for the potential use of an innovative tool, such as the FAO Event Mobile Application (EMA-i) to improve disease reporting in Uganda. The video features first-hand accounts from Ugandan counterparts on the utility of a pilot activity, with explanations from national officers and FAO officials on [...]

This video highlights how food emergencies have affected people globally and stresses how prevention is a major factor in food safety.

Nunca será demasiada la importancia que se conceda a la prevención. En este contexto de cambio climático y de comercialización mundial de productos agrícolas, es de esperar que aumenten las enfermedades, las plagas transfronterizas y las amenazas a la cadena alimentaria.
La prevención es la única forma de salvar vidas, [...]

La prevención de plagas y enfermedades transfronterizas y amenazas a la cadena alimentaria salva vidas, preserva los medios de vida y ahorra dinero.

La prevención incluye acciones como vacunación, higiene, buenas prácticas, vigilancia, alerta temprana, acción temprana, planificación y alianza.

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