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SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

Community of Practice on Food Loss Reduction

International Master in Agro-food Marketing (30 September 2019-5 June 2020)

30/09/2019 - 05/06/2020

The CIHEAM ACTION PLAN 2025 for the Mediterranean (CAPMED 2025) promotes cooperation activities establishes 15 thematic priorities of its Strategic Agenda 2025. One of these priorities is the "Reduction of agricultural losses and food waste along the food chains ", reducing the waste of food its a global priority that requires actions to move towards a sustainable agri-food system. This is an urgent and multidimensional challenge that must be faced through the combination of research strategies.

In the face of demographic, food and climate challenges, more and better must be produced with fewer resources. To improve food security and protect the planet, it is necessary to improve knowledge in agricultural production and natural resources, update information, and improve in marketing techniques.

This Master presents a global and integrated vision of the components of agribusiness marketing and traditional markets for agricultural products, the study of consumer behavior and the design of marketing plans for agrifood companies. For this reason, the training of specialists in agri-food marketing becomes more important.

It is an urgent and multidimensional challenge that must be faced through the combination of research strategies, awareness strategies and viable marketing alternatives.

The Master allows the participants:

*Acquire experience in the analysis and design of marketing plans implemented by agri-food companies.

*Develop capacities in the treatment of problems related with agro-food marketing within the scope of the public and private sectors.

*Training in the logistics and distribution: planning process, implementing and controlling the efficient flow and storage of products, services: transportation, warehousing, purchasing and distribution, involving as well suppliers and consumers (education campaigns in order to reduce food waste at home).

For more information please contact:

Mario Anamaria
Administrator Area Food Science,
Technology and Marketing
Coordinator Master Agro-food Marketing
Direct phone: +34 976716011 - Standard phone +34 976716000 Fax: +34 976716001
Av. Montañana 1005 50059 Zaragoza (Spain)
Website: http://www.iamz.ciheam.org

Master webpage: http://www.masteragrofoodmarketing.com
Master Online application: http://intranet.iamz.ciheam.org/Practicas/iamz.ciheam.Admision.online/en/