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A new online discussion on linkages between food loss and waste (FLW) and nutrition is aimed at better understanding these links through sharing more information and helpful experiences on how and if FLW reduction affects people’s nutritional status, and how reduced FLW and related micronutrient losses lead to improving food security and human nutrition.

In addition is still possible to contribute to a discussion which compares the different business models used worldwide to disseminate solutions for food loss reduction. The discussion will be useful to share information on approaches used for introducing and promoting relevant technologies such as metal silos, plastic silos and hermetic bags, and others; to discuss what works and what does not work in different contexts, the pros and cons of different models, with the aim to better understand the processes (including in countries where projects are only at a phase of piloting these technologies, therefore at a rather demonstration phase vs. large scale projects).

Other discussions open in this Forum relate to:

- PHL reduction policy development, co-moderated with FANRPAN

- Grain Storage technologies, co-moderated with UK's Natural Resources Institute

- Mapping the activities on Post-Harvest management (PHM)

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