FAO regional seminars


Conakry, Guinea, 7-9 December 2011

Regional Seminar on Quality Linked to Geographical Origin and Geographical Indications in Africa

Language: French


Latin America

San José, Costa Rica - 29 September-01 October 2009.

Second Latin-American Seminar: "Quality linked to geographical origin and traditions: implementation of schemes to support rural development"

Language: Spanish

Santiago, Chile - 12–13 December 2007

Regional workshop: "Food Quality Linked to Origin and Traditions in Latin America: Lessons and Perspectives"

Language: Spanish



Bangkok, Thailand - 8–11 June 2009

FAO-EC-DIP regional seminar on rural development and agricultural and food quality linked to geographical origin in Asia: lessons and perspectives

Language: English


Southeastern Europe

Belgrade, Serbia - 3-4 Decembre 2008

Regional workshop "Food Quality Linked to Origin and Traditions in Eastern European countries"

Language: English


The Mediterranean

Casablanca, Morocco - 8–9 November 2007

Regional seminar: "Quality Linked to Geographical Origin and Traditions in the Mediterranean"

Language: French, English