Quality linked to geographical origin: product, people and place

Some agricultural and food products are distinguished from one another by certain characteristics, qualities or reputations resulting essentially from their geographical origin. This differentiation can be attributed to the unique local features of the product, its history or its distinctive character linked to natural or human factors such as soil, climate, local know-how and traditions (all covered by the term "terroir").

FAO is implementing a programme to support the development of procedures  focusing on origin-linked specific quality that will contribute to rural  development.

These products of origin-linked quality can increase food security, inasmuch as they contribute to rural development and the preservation of food diversity, while also offering consumers a wider choice. Indeed, thanks to the link between such products and their areas of origin, they can help to preserve local resources, maintain traditions, strengthen the organization of local stakeholders and prevent delocalization and the rural exodus.

  • Last news

    The training tool on origin-linked quality and geographical indications is now on line! Developed by the Quality & Origin programme of FAO and REDD, with a view to boosting the capacities of people involved in such procedures and increasing the number of experts in the world, this tool places value-chain actors at the heart of the development process, and sustainable development at the heart of territories. Based on “Trainer”, “Content” and “Exercise”sheets, it offers a complete tool for trainers around 5 modules related to the virtuous circle methodology.

    Croatia's traditional food products: when terroirs go global
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  • Events

  • International Forum Origin, Diversity and Territories, 21-23 October, Turin, organized by FiBL and Diversité et Développement with FAO, UNIDO, SlowFood International, RIMISP, REDD and Cirad

    REDD and CIRAD will organize two interGI trainings in Switzerland next year:

    Spring session: 18th-29th of May 2015

    Fall session: 21st of September- 2nd of October 2015