“How to promote quality linked to Geographical Origin in order to contribute to rural development in Latin America ? Lessons learnt from four case studies”.  Version available in Spanish


Identification of origin-linked products and their potential for development
A methodology for participatory inventories
Versions available: English - French - Spanish

Linking people, places and products
A Guide for Promoting Quality linked to Geographical Origin and Sustainable Geographical Indications
(FAO- SINERGI, 2009)

Versions available: English - French - Spanish - Serbe -  Croatian - Polish - Chinese
To order hard copies, please contact the programme manager.

Food Quality linked to origin and traditions in Latin America Case studies
(FAO- IICA, 2008) 

Version available: Spanish

Quality Linked to geographical origin and geographical indications
Lessons learned from six case studies in Asia
(FAO, 2010)

Versions available: English

Book cover Innovations in food labelling
A useful reference for food regulatory agencies, food law experts and professionals in the food industry.

It can be purchased online on the Woodhead Publishing Limited webpage.