Technical assistance

The following information relates to FAO’s technical assistance provided in various countries to support the development of sustainable origin-linked quality schemes. In these projects, funding resources come from the regular programme, in particular the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP), Trust funds or FAO’s cooperative work agreements with financing institutions investing in agriculture (Investment Centre-TCI).

Further information on all FAO projects can be found in the Database of FAO projects.

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Guinea Bissau, Mali, Senegal and Sierra Leone

Publication on identified origin-linked products:

Mali, de la terre à la table, in French
Sénégal, de la terre à la table
, in French
Guinée Bissau, da terra a mesa, in Portuguese

Sierra Leone, from earth to table
, in English



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Establishment of a national strategy for promotion and preservation of specific quality products: the case of yak products.

This project is part of the FAO-Multi-Donor Partnership Program (FMPP) in Bhutan.
It aims at assessing the potential and feasibility of implementing specific quality schemes for Bhutanese products. The first expected outcome of this project is the definition of a national strategy for preserving and promoting high-quality traditional products of Bhutan. It will involve the assessment of the institutional framework for implementing specific quality schemes in Bhutan as well as an analysis of market opportunities and an evaluation of the yak production system. According to the findings of the assessment phase, a specific quality scheme for Yak products will be proposed (identification the most adequate type of quality scheme to implement in order to promote these products on the market, proposition of a development strategy).

Duration of the assessment phase: June-December 2009

Presentation of the proposal for the national strategy