Welcome to the Quality&Origin Identification Web Tool

The Quality&Origin Identification Web Tool is intended to facilitate the identification of the link between a product and its geographical origin and the strengths/weaknesses of entering the virtuous quality circle.

See the methodology on identification and inventories

Origin-linked products can become the pivotal point of an origin-linked virtuous circle, through a territorial strategy of promotion, which effects are reinforced over time. This allows the creation of value, preservation of bio-cultural assets, activation of social networks, all contributing to sustainable production and consumption system. The first step to enter the circle is the identification phase; it is crucial to assess whether there is a specific quality linked to a geographical origin (Product), what the resources involved are (Place) and who the stakeholders mobilized for such a process are (People).

The Identification Web Tool is an online tool where one can:

  • Identify whether a product has a quality linked to its geographical origin (see questionnaire 1: identification).
  • Identify potential, strengths and weaknesses related to the possible development of an origin-linked quality strategy (see questionnaire 2: development).
  • Generate an analysis and a profile for a product which includes the main drivers necessary to enter a virtuous circle strategy.
  • Make inventories of origin-linked products and publish the information online (the online publication will begin when number of inventories done will be sufficient).