Products and links to geographical origin

Local resources and their valorisation

Specific quality linked to geographical origin is associated with the valorisation of local resources, which may be physical (soil, climate, conditions of drying places etc.), genetic (especially indigenous plant varieties and livestock breeds) and/or cultural (know-how, traditions in relation with farming and processing, etc.). The specific nature of these resources leads to the uniqueness, identity and value of products.

The terroir encompasses the interaction between physical (natural) and human factors that has built up over time. It is a delimited geographical area where a human community has developed, over the course of history, a collective production method and know-how in relation with the environment.

Products of origin-linked quality

These may be food, agricultural, forestry, fishery or handicraft products. Food products from any part of the world can have characteristics linked to geographical origin, and some that have been analysed in case studies may be mentioned here:

Food products may be fresh (non-processed) fruit or vegetables (for example Pica lemons, Tetovo beans and Cuzco giant white maize), vegetable products with some processing (for example Arriba cocoa, Chuao cocoa, Columbian coffee and Taliouine saffron), or processed animal products (for example Cotija cheese, Turrialba cheese, Livno cheese and Uzice ham).