Безопасность и качество пищевых продуктов
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Project title

Regional project on quality linked to geographical origin and traditions in  Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru


Improving origin-quality linked products in Latin America ~ © FAO / Emilie Vandecandelaere

Background and objectives

Given the importance of origin-linked products in Latina American countries and their potential for rural development, governments have established institutional framework for developing geographical indications (GI) so to promote and protect them. GI schemes are quite new and innovative in their approach, and there is a an important interest to share experience between countries and to build capacity of institutions and value-chain stakeholders to develop and manage efficiently such new approaches related to GI schemes .

The overall objective of the project is to improve the capacity of the institutions and of local organizations to support and/or conduct development programmes in the field of origin-linked quality products in Latin America. The project is considering two levels of intervention: local level through pilot cases (one in each country, in order to implement the methodology built with all the stakeholders) and the institutional level, through workshops and trainings, in order to support the implementation of the GIs and for the capacity-building of the stakeholders.

Strategy and activities

Merken, a typical product from Mapuche in Chile ~ © FAO / Emilie VandecandelaereThe strategy is based on the double approach combining capacity building at institutional level and at local level, based on a pilot product.

  • Institutional level: organization of regional and national seminars and training to share experiences, discuss technical issues and develop common tools;
  • Local level: each country has selection a pilot product, in a certain phase of development as defined in the FAO methodology of origin-linked promotion process (identification of potential, qualification of the product, remuneration and reproduction) and according to the needs specific in each phase, support is providing to the producers and local actors through collaborations with local NGOs.


  • Identification of common good practices in Latin Americas countries
  • Methodology of origin-linked potential identification
  • Guidelines for evaluation of GI requirements
  • Capacity built of producers, facilitators and institutional actors on GI development and success factors
  • Network of experts and stakeholders in America Latina (platform of exchanges)
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