Безопасность и качество пищевых продуктов
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Project title

Assessment of potential origin-linked quality food products and their demand in the Ukraine


Facility carried out by the regional office of FAO for Europe and Central Asia (FAO REU)

Traditional market, Kiev ┃ © FAO / Emilie Vandecandelaere

Background and objectives

Given the importance of The aim is to explore the possibilities for investments in an enabling environment for GI to play a major role in rural development. Specific objectives were:

  • the assessment of the potential GI products in Ukraine and their supply chains
  • the assessment of the potential demand of Ukrainian consumers for domestic GI products and Ukrainian GI products' potential on export markets
  • the elaboration of recommendations and proposals for follow-up action to enable the Ministry for Agrarian Policies to implement policies in support of the realization of the GI potential in Ukraine

Strategy and activities

The assessment is based on the inventory of products suitable to acquire GI label and the potential of Ukrainian GI products on export and domestic markets, taking into account the current institutional framework. The following activities were conducted:

  • Identification of partners and stakeholders in development of regional quality food products (including producers, their associations NGOs etc.); completion of a database;
  • Conduction of a survey for potential assessment of demand for origin-linked traditional food products in 10 regions of Ukraine (about 1000 respondents in all regions)
  • Preparation of the final report based on the analysis of secondary information and surveys ‘results.

The project was implemented in collaboration with the International Charitable Foundation “Heifer Project International” which has a long experience in the fields of rural development and promotion of local products in Ukraine. The report and recommendations will be discussed during a workshop organized with ministry of agriculture.


  • Establishment of a selection criteria for origin-linked quality food products and GI products
  • Inventory of origin-linked quality food products
  • Profile card of a short list of potential products suitable to acquire GI label
  • Recommendations and work plan for GI development in Ukraine
Enjoying typical food products and traditions at Kiev during a project workshop  ┃ © FAO / Emilie Vandecandelaere