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Country introduction

Biotechnology has developed in Burundi since 1960. No GM product known is currently used in Burundi . The users of biotechnology products in Burundi : Research Institutes as ISABU and IRAZ , dairy companies , bakeries , brewing, the health centers (vaccines ), the Company Enviro- pure and other centers . Biotech products used in research centers, production centers and industrial companies transformations ( ferments and yeasts) are imported from countries where regulations on standards the quality of food and pesticides are met. It should be noted that the level of training of the Burundian population as a consumer does not allow him to grasp properly the issue of biosafety saw his highly scientific. However, the Burundian Association of Consumers ( ABUCO) Burundi is currently drafting Biosafety legislations and other relevant standards, guidelines, protocols and systems for regulating GMOs and GM foods

Regulatory framework:
My country is in the process in developing a regulatory framework that requires the competent authority to conduct safety assessment of GM food.
Structure for GM food safety assessment:
My country is in the process in developing a structure for GM food safety assessment.
Supplemental information:
Contact details of the competent authority(s) responsible for the safety assessment and the product applicant:
GM food safety assessment guidelines:
My country does not conduct safety assessment of GM food but the country has, or the country is in the process of developing national/regional guidelines that are in line with the Codex Guidelines in conducting safety assessment of GM food.
Conduct of GM food safety assessment:
My country has never conducted food safety assessment of GM food but is planning to conduct such assessment in the near future.
Supplemental information on the implementation:
Stacked events
Regulation of stacked events:
There is no regulations in my country on stacked events.
Supplemental information on the stacked events:
Production and trade
GM food/feed production:
My country does not produce any GM food or feed.
GM food/feed imports:
My country allows imports GM food or feed upon authorization.
Supplemental information on the production and trade:
LLP/AP incidents
LLP/AP incidents:
Supplemental information on the LLP/AP incidents:
Labelling requirement
Labelling requirement:
My country is in the process of developing regulations/policies on GM food labeling.
Supplemental information on the Labelling requirement:
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