Food safety and quality
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Focal Point Information

Organization/agency name (Full name):
Laboratoire de Génétique et des Biotechnologies de l'Université d'Abomey-Cala
Contact person name:
Professeur Clément Agbangla
Physical full address:
BP 526 Commune d'Abomey-Calavi République du Bénin
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Country introduction

FAO GM Foods Platform Country Profile: Benin Republic Status

In Benin Republic, facing the advent of GMOs in 2002, the Government decided to establish the moratorium for five (5) years. The objective of this moratorium was to develop the institutional and legal basis to manage the risks generated from of the GMOs and their products utilization in the country. This moratorium has been renewed in March 12, 2008 and was ended in March 11, 2013. During the two successive moratoriums the biosecurity setting has been developed and the National Biosecurity Committee was established. The national Biosecurity Laboratory has been installed with the financial support of the Economic Union of West African States (UEMOA) through a Regional Biosecurity Program.

Actually with the trade of GMOs and derived products, no country in the world can be out of import and export of these products (spontaneous presence for those countries who import the conventional cereal such as Benin and low presence for those who import already or export GMOs). The National Biosecurity Committee of Benin during the last session recommended the implementation of the Protocol of Cartagena and his additional which was signed and approved by the Country.

The Focal Point Platform GM

Professor Clement AGBANGLA

Regulatory framework:
My country has a regulatory framework that requires the competent authority to conduct safety assessment of GM food.
Structure for GM food safety assessment:
My country has competent authority, agency, organization, ministry, department, committee, commission or a system/mechanism that is tasked to conduct or review GM food safety assessment.
Supplemental information:
Contact details of the competent authority(s) responsible for the safety assessment and the product applicant:
GM food safety assessment guidelines:
My country does not conduct safety assessment of GM food and we do not plan to develop any guidelines for GM food safety assessment.
Conduct of GM food safety assessment:
My country has never conducted food safety assessment of GM food but is planning to conduct such assessment in the near future.
Supplemental information on the implementation:
Stacked events
Regulation of stacked events:
There is no regulations in my country on stacked events.
Supplemental information on the stacked events:
Production and trade
GM food/feed production:
My country does not produce any GM food or feed.
GM food/feed imports:
My country does not import any GM food or feed (banned).
Supplemental information on the production and trade:
LLP/AP incidents
LLP/AP incidents:
I do not know if my country has faced any LLP/AP issues in the last 10 years.
Supplemental information on the LLP/AP incidents:
Labelling requirement
Labelling requirement:
Not applicable.
Supplemental information on the Labelling requirement:
Relevant links to documents and information prepared by the competent authority responsible for the safety assessment
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