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Ministerio de salud y proteccion social
Contact person name:
Daniel Rubio
Physical full address:
Carrera 13 No. 32- 76 piso 12, Bogot√°
Phone number:
330 5000 ext 1256
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Country information about GM food safety assessment
Introduction national biosafety regulations:
The Decree 4525 of 2005 establish the Ministry of Health and Social Protection as the competent authority for GMO that are exclusively used in health and food purposes. The same Decree creates the National Biosafety Technical Committee for GMO's used in health and food purposes. The Committee is compose by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, or its delegate, the Director of the National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute - INVIMA, or its delegate, and the Director of the Science, Technology and Innovation Administrative Department - COLCIENCIAS, or its delegate. This committee es responsible for the risk assessment of the dossier submitted by the applicant; to require any additional information; assessment of any measurements in accordance to the Cartagena Protocol in order to avoid, prevent, mitigate correct and/or compensate de posible risks o effects that may occur; the recommendation to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection the administrative act for the authorization of the GMO for health or food purposes.
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